Hi Folks,

The application needs to be able to update its local database (CoreData/SQLlite) from a CSV file, downloaded via USB from a Laptop or Desktop computer, or directly from a Central Database Server via a Web Server (ASP.Net application) and Wi-Fi connection.

After tasks have been performed with the application, data (CSV file) needs to be uploaded to the Central Database Server either directly, via a Web Server (ASP.Net application) and Wi-Fi connection, or by uploading a CSV file to a Laptop or Desktop computer that can connect to the Central Database Server.

Which iPhone Application Development features need to be used to enable these scenarios?

What methods/classes need to be used by the application to create a CSV file on the iPhone?

Will File Transfer applications from Third Party sources be able to manage the movement of the CSV files via a USB connection to a Laptop or Desktop computer?

Can these scenarios be achieved using HTML5?

Thank you, Michael.