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    Rebuilding an old site: Any tips for managing relative URL's?

    Rebuilding my 7 year old website using a completely new program (Notepad++)

    I need to keep the old page URL's exactly the same because they rank really well. I don't want to gamble with redirects.

    Using Twitter Bootstrap to do a responsive design. Works great on my PC but when I upload a sample page to the actual site it can't find all the CSS and Image and JS directories it needs.

    I can see that it's because the standard Twitter Bootstrap directories for things like the CSS are at different levels from where they got uploaded to the website.

    So my question is: How to create paths using things like Relative URL's and maybe a Base URL so that what I am designing on the PC also works on the web when I upload it?

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    Generally, the best thing to do is set up a local server environment (using MAMP on a Mac or XAMPP on a PC) so that your links can be the same locally as remotely. Then you can use root relative links in both scenarios (such as src="/images/image.gif").

    But you can use the same relative links in both envorionments, even without a local server environment. Something like src="../../images/image.gif" will work the same locally and remotely.

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    you are right xampp virtual server environment can solve the problem; being using it from over three years.


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