I just got student discount hosting at inMotion. My website is set up under my initial domain. However, I will be running 3 sites on this one hosting account:

1 educational
1 hobby/educational
1 college department

InMotion's script tool is asking where to install SilverStripe: under the domain or make a new folder. So should I install SilverStripe which I'll be using their multi-site module under the main domain, or should I create a sub directory for the CMS and link the sites to it?

I think this might be a dopey question, but there it is. I don't want to start off on a sloppy foot for something I could have been more detail oriented about at the very inception of building my sites. And I'm now in the point of my life when I realize I should not have been so sloppy in the beginning stages of projects.


ps. I am asking here and not at SilverStripe because right now their forum says I'm the only one there right now. ha