Hi everyone, well this is my first post since ive been lurking around in these forums and my question is about using php and mysql to make my website dynamic so it can be easily updated and such. I have come across a program called back-end. It uses php and mysql. The program uses a web interface. what it basically does is add news, links, or articles thru the web interface and dynamically creates the pages (i think). I think this would be a great way for me make a dynamic website that would be easily updated by just typing something into the web interface and have the news posted instead of hard coding the news or links, etc... into the html. the problem i have is that this program seems very new and it seems like there are still quite a few bugs. It also doesnt offer as much functionality as i would like (but hey, its free so i cant expect much). I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a program similar to this where i can just create a template in html and have the content all php and mysql driven or whatever else i need to update. Thanks for any information!