I have the site http://theclubhealth.com
It is down for a long time ...almost one month. I tried to contact the hosting services they are not responding accordingly.
Finally I made some changes from the Cpanel and installed the CMS again. The site was then running well.
I changed the name servers to a free CDN name servers (Cloudeflare). After a few hours I wasn't been able to go to the site. It shows this page : http://www.theclubhealth.com/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi
Then I put the names of my original name servers again. waited for a day. But result the same !
I thought I will try to get the database from the Cpanel to get into another hosting service. But I now I cannot access to my CPanel
Cpanel is also down. What can I do now. Not getting the site , not the database I am ruined. Any suggestions ?? Please ..