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    Handling JavaScript across 2 Domains


    I am working on this web site with some of the pages at a different domain name. It is actually one web site, but some of the pages are at a different domain name (different root, too) although the IP address is the same.

    Basically, there is one main window, and a pop-up window. They need to "talk" to each other - mainly access properties to see what page they are on.

    As, the web site is on two domain names, there is a security problem when the pop-up window tries to read properties in the main window, or vice versa.

    Is there anyway to share information between the two? Or is it hopeless?

    On top of that, if anyone knows of a way to share a cookie across a domain-name (same web site, same problem) that would be graet too.


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    I've seen some stuff before about sharing cookies, but no javascript methods, it was all ASP.

    about the domain thing, I'm afraid browser-based security measures will negate your every attempt.

    Perhaps you can setup a virtual host for the 2nd site. Something like this... << park this to

    That way, anything that you can accsess at can also be accessed at, which now shares the primary domain name with which should get you going
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