Hello everyone,

The site I would like reviewed is http://www.musicforballetclasses.com

I'm a pretty new website designer, and I've only learnt it as a ancillary skill to help my work as a recording artist. I have a business producing music for dancers, and this site focuses on my albums of music for ballet dancers and teachers. I produce CDs that I sell in bulk through distributors, but this site is aimed at selling retail direct to customers. I was aiming for classy and elegant, easy to use and confidence inspiring, as I'm asking that people buy direct from the site, both CDs and downloads of MP3s in zip files, processing payments through paypal.
Its also pretty important to me that I rank well in search engines for 'ballet class music' and 'music for ballet class' and similar phrases, as the market although large enough, is still fairly small, making it even more important to me that I get the number 1 spot. Also, the sites I am competing with for those phrases are not big scale affairs, so I think its a reasonable target.
I'd appreciate any and all comments regarding the site, its functionality, ease of use, design and professionalism.
Many thanks in advance,

Charlie Mathews