OK this is my first shot at a responsive design so I thought I use a template to get the hang of things and how they worked - which I thought I had done because everything was going fine and displaying on my ipad so I thought I was almost there with it until I tried the site on a friends ipad2 and all the forms were out of whack and the pages were able to be moved from side to side which they snapped nicely in place on my ipad. This also occurs on the iphone too. Its just funny that everything without a form on is perfect in that respect but as soon as there is a form on there thats what knocks it out.

This is the design Im working on its nowhere near the finished article as I started from scratch again using the template but you can see what I mean about the form issue. http://www.gibsonpixeldev.com/r2/vehicle-enquiry.html

Now initially I had the form to the right of the text and it sat nicely next to it on the ipad but on the ipad 2 it wont have any of it and even as it is now the iphone doesnt like it either. Ive been pulling my hair out for two days over this trying to figure it out. Like i say everything fit nicely until I tested the pages and only the ones that included a form caused me hassle.

Thanks in advance I hope some bright spak can shine some light on this.