Hello everyone

I'm starting to study Windows Server 2003 for future (I'm planning to host a website, and installation of custom software using it)

I'm just beginning with my learning process and I need some advice for when things get more complicated, let me explain myself:

I'm already renting the physical server and the software required to run the network operating system properly (windows server 2003, MySQL license, etc), I'm now able to connect to it using a remote connection from my office computer. But for practicing and researching purposes I would like to be able to "play" with the service in a more testing environment (in case I mess up) just to have more freedom to apply what I learn without the fear of messing everything up.

Could you guys give me any recommendation of what will be the best approach in this case, maybe installing windows server on my house computer (which is where I study) or something else.

The thing is that the books that I'm using are gonna start getting into more difficult and complicated topics and areas of the program and I would also like to work along those examples, to get familiar with the program in the best way as to access those areas of the program from my house.

Any ideas or recommendations are highly appreciated

Thanks in advance