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I liked Mint-Debian (Debian with a bunch of non-freedom-fries junk on top out of the box like Firefox...) but for some reason I've not been able to install it on my work Dell or Thinkpad (no idea why, these are generally Linux-friendly machines and they both run Ubuntu fine... both had trouble with graphics cards which surprised me). The windowing system was xfce which is buggy (there are buttons who don't work and config options without options or buttons!) but fine for development, and I could choose Debian Testing.
Yes, in the past I've had to install the proprietary drivers for the chip-set on Dells via the command line and manually create (on modern Mint distros) configure the xorg.conf. After this Mint worked well, but issues when upgrading the Kernel so not too worth it (unless you have no reason to change your kernel and can handle the wrath of less secure over time )

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The original Unicorn server was kinda meant for small quick clients, while we're running a fat e-commerce thing on it. gUnicorn is different though. SphinxSearch is a smaller cousin to ElasticSearch, which might be the best full-text search out there, and apparently both of those are without the hair-pulling of Apache SOLR/Lucene (or so I've heard). REDIS is just one of the many trendy no-SQL thingies out there; we could have used MongoDB or something instead (and it seems Python folks are doing that a lot, like Django + some combination of PostgreSQL and Mongo).
I get the impression that Python isn't getting more popular in the States, but over here I'm noticing more and more webshops using it (especially new ones though, without any legacy junk to worry about).
Thanks for the background