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    Hi everybody,

    what is the best way to market your hosting company. I gotta alot of money riding on my new company and would like to be able to get alot of business clients under my belt, hence the domain we have

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    The best way to market is making your name known, offering a valid and powerful signature to your outgoing emails and various forum posts. Creating a powerful username that can market your business.

    After looking at your site, there is nothing there that makes it stand out for e-commerce.
    Here are some laymen questions people will ask:
    • What is the minimum contract?
    • What are the costs for add-ons?
    • What kind of shopping cart?
    • How do I get my business online?
    • Who will build my online business?
    • How large can my Database be?
    • Do you host the databases on a separate server?
    • Why is the ordering system at another host?
    • How come other web hosts give a 30 day money back guarantee and you don't?
    • Your network sounds impressive but do you have actual proof that it is better than others? (Personally I would rewrite Alabanza's text so it was less technical but that is just me.)
    • What is a router?
    • How do I use SSL?
    • How do I usee my site to process credit cards?

    In short you need to emphasize more on your services and less on your technical capabilities. You need to work on your uptime and redundancy (which will be very hard to do with one server) and make sure customers are aware of your guarantees in this area.

    Your prices are a little high but not unbearable.

    For a clear easy to under Web Hosting site check out WebExpose.

    Wayne Luke


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