Hello everyone,

I am making a resource directory for my college. I don't know PHP and I am learning things along the way. I have created the upload part successfully using dynamic dropdown lists. I have added 3 levels, first to choose which stream/dept, then which semester and then which semester, and on clicking upload, the files goes to the desired directory correctly.

Now, I want to know how to display all the files that are being uploaded? They are all in the directory. How do I list them and show my users/visitors so that they can choose what to download? The example I have attached only has 2 engg streams, 2 sems under both, and 2 subjects under each sem. I want to list out all in a segregated way. Say a page that has CSE/SEM1/ Data Structures/all the files under this category, another page has CSE/SEM2/Networks/all the files under this category. And not only list out but also form a link so that they can download it.

Please check my attachment/link and please help me overcome this problem at the earliest.


Thank You