been trying for hours now to update the code I was given, and with no luck. I have tried bunch of example from this very page yet to no avail...

I have a php loop that prints out some data, then upon clicking a 'view' link, a modal-box pops up displaying more information of given person. To display content of that modal box I use external php file so I thought it would be easy to pass a value and simply select and displayed all info from DB based on passed ID. So wrong I was...

Here's what I have now:


PHP Code:
td>' . sel_db('*', 'guests', $row['guestID'], '3') . '</td>
td>' . find_lounge($row['departureID']) . '</td>
td>' . $row['flight_no'] . '</td>
td>' . $row['arrival_time'] . '</td>
td><class="modalInput" rel="#details_view">View</a></td>
td class="cent">' . $thisBooking . '</td>
And this little jquery:

<script type="text/javascript" />
  var triggers = $(".modalInput").overlay({

  // some mask tweaks suitable for modal dialogs
  mask: {
    color: '#ebecff',
    loadSpeed: 200,
    opacity: 0.9

  closeOnClick: true

plus the div inside the pure HTML page (the very same as the php code is):

HTML Code:
  <!-- Details popup -->
    <div class="modal" id="details_view">
      { here is loaded external php file }
The popup opens fine but there's no way I can display anything dynamic since I cannot grab that ID from the php loop.

Can anyone help here, please? Any input will be much, much appreciated.

Greg Bialowas