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    Avatar resize request.

    Hi guys.

    I've been to many different internet forums.
    But I noticed the avatar in this forum is VERY SMALL 75x75 pixels only.

    This is my first request and perhaps my last request as well.
    Can we make it 100x100 pixels

    Because really the current size of the avatar is boring.
    Very very very boring...

    Sometimes it's easy to distinguish a user by his avatar than reading the username.

    I hope someone will give importance for this request.

    If we need voting poll for this request then please lets implement it so members can start voting.

    GOD Bless and more power to team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by solidcodes View Post
    really the current size of the avatar is boring.
    For me, what makes a forum boring or not is the quality of the posts. I don't come here to look at avatars. If it makes a big difference to you, you could set up your own style sheet for this site and increase the avatar size to any size you like. (I have my own user style sheet for this site, in which various elements are sized up or down to suit my taste. For example, I have the little gree icon next to the usernames of members who are online set to something much larger, so it's easier for me to see that they are online.)

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    It is a suggestion to take into consideration although I confess that I never had a problem with the size of the avatar itself.


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