Hi Everyone,

When I sign up for my website and use your typed in password. Everything works.

When a user changes their password from within their control panel, then logout, then log back in again with that same password. Everything works.

When you email a password to yourself (because you forgot it) and try to login with that password. My website does not want to allow the user to login. I'm not sure why. Thanks Everyone!

My php check login code when a user is signing in.

PHP Code:
$loggedinuser $_SESSION["id"];
$name $_SESSION["name"];

if (isset( 
$_POST['name'], $_POST['password'] )){

$name $_POST['name'];
$password $_POST['password'];
$name mysql_real_escape_string($name);
$password mysql_real_escape_string($password);
$password sha1($password);
$password substr($password0,15);
$sql_id mysql_query("SELECT * FROM practice WHERE name='$name' AND password='$password'");  
$row mysql_fetch_array($sql_id)){
$id $row["id"];
$sql = ("SELECT id FROM practice WHERE name='$name' AND password='$password'");
//$password = sha1($password);
    //$password = substr($password, 0,15);

$result mysql_query($sql);

$_SESSION["name"] = $name;
$_SESSION["id"] = $id;


   } else {
"Wrong Username and Password. <a href=\"http://whatsmyowncarworth.com/class-work/sign3/valchecklogin.php\">Click Here</a> to login"

Below is my forgot password code

PHP Code:
// connect to database

$email $_POST['email'];
$submit $_POST['submit'];

if (
// check is email exists
$email_check mysql_query("SELECT * FROM practice WHERE email='".$email."'");
$count mysql_num_rows($email_check);
   if (
$count != 0){
// generate new password
$password rand();
$password sha1($password);
$password substr($password0,15);
// update database with new password
mysql_query("UPDATE practice SET password='".$password."' WHERE email='".$email."'");
// send the password to the user
$subject "Login Information";
$message "Your password has been changed to $password ";
$from "From: myemail@yahoo.com";
"Your new password has emailed to you.";
   } else {
"The email does not exist";