I would really really like some serious feedback on my complete redesign of http://www.jigga.com. We just finished uploading the redesign of the site tonight and we believe that it looks great a lot of our visitors love it and our traffic increased substantially after the new release even though we still haven't told the press about it nor anyone else, except our normal traffic.

I want you to totally disect my site if possible, tell me everything that you find wrong with it, I can take it. I sure know I dish it out. Also, I would like to hear positive feedback as well. Anything good or bad will definitely help me to know what's working and what isn't.

Also, if you look at my site and would be interested in a co-promotion, being a partner with me, co-branding, linking, or whatever you call it, please contact me as well, I'll just take care of it all at once. Thanks!