Currently have a wordpress site project which is hosted and managed in the US.

The sites visitors are all New Zealand based.

Is a linux cpanel vps server, has 1.5gb ram
using 38% ram on average, average load 1.35 (16cpus shared)

17,000 visits per day
24,000 page views a day

This site has a high page load 1.2mb each page(lots of images, maps, functions etc)
161 cpu requests per page (including external).

plugins:21 (all required)

Within two months paid traffic will increase to 100,000 visits a day (roughly 130,000 page views a day)

Will i need to go to a dedicated? and what specs would you recommend

This needs to be fully managed and secured by the host 99.999% uptime business critical

There is a Hybrid vps plan available with guaranteed 4cores and 10gb ram will this surfice?

Is a 100mbps port ok to run this?

I'm asking as my current host is unable to give me an estimation without trying the plan.

Thanks for your help