I have a vertical drop down menu. The main category link text is Color A and the background is white. On hover, text changes to Color B and the background changes to Color C. When the link is active, the text changes to Color C and background white. My problem is when I again hover the link while active, I want the background Color C and the text Color B, same sequence as hover state of inactive link. Essentially I want hover inactive link and hover active link to be the same when both are in use.

Link Inactive: Text Color A, Background White
Hover: Link Text Color B, Background Color C
Active: Link Text Color C, Background White
Hover/Active: Text Color B, Background Color C

I hope this makes sense. If anyone can tell me if this is possible I would greatly appreciate it. Below is my code, I only included relevant code:

.menu > li > a {
color: #CB6C00;
.menu > li > a span {
background: #FFFFFF;
.menu > li > a:hover {
background-color: #008590;
color: #FFFFFF;
.menu > li > a.active { (I want a hover here to be text #FFFFFF and background #008590, but of course text is already #008590.)
color: #008590;