Hi guys,

I wondered if anyone could offer any advice for my issue.
I've worked extensively for a company for over two years and have a good relationship with them.
Recently they referred one of their suppliers to me who wanted their logos placed on previously created artwork.
I agreed to do this for a small charge and made it clear that the artwork supplied should only be used for purpose of email distribution/print.
I have since found that the supplier has sent my artwork provided in PDF form to another design agency who have ripped apart all the elements and have reused my design work to create media across websites etc.
The re-use also includes images from license royalty photos which I have paid for and now they are using.

I sent them an firm email explaining why this was bad ethics and that they would need to pay a license fee to use the artwork.
The license agreement I agreed to is now being broken by a third party and of course my business is losing money over manipulated artwork, even though I supplied the completed artwork for a print process.
They have not paid full design costs purely for a rebrand. The company have now become unresponsive.

It's not about the money but the poor ethics especially as they were a referral from a trusted company, what I don't want to do is cause such a rift that it affects my relationship with the main company.

I have considered putting security on my artwork PDF's but these can be so easily broken nowadays there's not much point, additionally as this particular project was for email distribution it would of hindered the client base.

Thank you so much in advance for any responses.