URGENT HELP I have a table of products with age range on them.

minAge maxAge
0 6
2 4
3 5
7 11
8 11

i wan to select from products where the age fall within the ages of 3 to 8
I am expecting all the products except the last to show up since some of the ages with 3- 8 are found in the table age range

solution1 "select from products where min >= 3 AND maxAge <= 8.

this worked but prod1 andprod2 are filtered out of the result. I deally since 3 is within the min and max age, it should be included in the result.

soln 2
"select * from products where (minage between 3 AND 8) AND (maxage <= 8 )

again prod1 is filtered out. I want product 1 since ages 3,4,5,6 are within the search string (3-8)

any ideas