I am creating a form which calculates a total based on options selected on radio buttons.

However, the sets / groups of radio buttons have different values which depend on other radio buttons.
I am guessing it would need to be some kind of an "if" statement?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated,
thank you so much

The calculation basically needs to be :

If "Section A" is selected, then the value of radiobutton1 is 50;
                                           radiobutton2 is 60;
                                           radiobutton3 is 70;
                                           "Grandtotal" is 50+60+70 = 180
----- If "Section B" is selected, then the value of radiobutton1 is 100;
                                           radiobutton2 is 120;
                                           radiobutton3 is 130;
                                           "Grandtotal" is 100+120+130 = 350
So far I have the following calculation script which works fine to add up the options IF no section is specified

// Custom Calculate script
(function () {

    // Get the field values
    var v1 = getField("Options Single").valueAsString;
    var v2 = getField("GrandTotal").value;

    switch (v1) {
    case "1" :
        event.value = 50;
    case "2" :
        event.value = 60;
    default :  // Neither radio button is selected (v1 === "Off") which may not ever happen
        event.value = "";