Hi I'm searching a database with search engine to my job.

We use vbulletin forum , and we want to create new landing to search threads and posts. But we can't use the vbulletin mysql database because in the future we will include other external results.

I think this alternatives for example Solr, Cassandra, MongoDb, Sphinx, etc

So, I'm looking differents oppinions and suggestions.

I want something to include :
- big community (prefered spanish, or english, for example mongodb has too much tutorials, discussions, etc)
- full text search , for search in ANY field/column/etc and get the complete data. - easy use in php and linux
- less queries (for example in sphinx I need to do some query in sphinx and then with the Ids do queries in mysql to get complete results)
- related search or suggested words
- synonyms
- bid data

Some examples maybe was my fault or don't know to use correctly ...

All suggestions are welcome and appreciated

Best Regards !