I have a question: What do you think about the fact, that the legal age for buying (and drinking) alcohol is 21 here in the United States. Do you think that is appropriate?
I think it is totally off: You can drive a car when you're 16, you can get executed on the electric chair when you're 18, you can buy a shotgun when you're 18 but you cannot legally drink a beer until you are 21. (For me that's no problem anymore, I turned 21 today ).
I am originally from Germany where the legal drinking age for beer & wine is 16, so I am very biased towards a more liberal approach regarding alcohol. I can not follow the thinking that someone who is (at the age of 18) mature enough to buy and use a shotgun, should not be capable of judging for himself whether to drink alcohol or not. This regulation seems very outdated and actually encourages young people even more to drink (the appeal of the forbidden...), I think.
I would like to hear some opinions! It would also be good, if you could include your age with your post, so that it is easier to see what younger/older people think.