I'm looking for feedback on my travel website, which gives information about the holiday town of Nerja in Spain.

The website is http://mynerja.com/.

Specifically what I want to do is change the layout of the home page. At the moment the top of the page is largely static, with a "welcome to Nerja" message and a large image that changes every few days.

Now I like the way the page is setup like this, as I think it gives a good introduction to what the site is about, however, it does mean the regular visitors to the site (including google) have to scroll down the page to see the latest news story, weather, picture etc.

So here are my current thoughts:

1) Move the news story to the top of the page, by swapping it with the Welcome To Nerja post. The news post is updated daily.


2) Leave the Welcome to Nerja post at the top, but maybe make it shorter (a couple of lines) with a "read more" button, with the news or the photo post directly underneath. The photo post is updated every few days.


3) Move the photo post to the top and have some sort of scroller, so that visitors scan scroll through previous photos.


Any other suggestions, thoughts, comments please?