Hi all, I have a shopping cart for a mobile repair company, when a user adds something to their basket, the basic details of the phone are added, then the actual repair (such as a screen replacement, new battery, etc) are added under the options element of the array. How can I add to the options array when a customer adds another repair to their basket for the same phone? Hope I've explained well enough...

PHP Code:
$item = array(
'id' => $product->repair_id,
'qty' => 1,
'price' => 0.00,
'name' => $product->name.' '.$product->repair_name,
'img' => $product->repair_image,
'link' => 'fix/'.$product->url,
'options' => array('price' => 5.60'name' => 'Screen'), array('price' => 5.60'name' => 'New Battery')