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    Bookie Mania- The Facebook Game


    This betting-site runs on the Facebook platform.

    Let me introduce “Bookie Mania” using FACTS! We are one of the first purely non-gambling betting game (as we don't accept real-cash gambling). Anti-gambling if you will.

    5 (fun) facts about Bookie Mania

    • It was built in a converted bedroom!
    • We were told it would take millions to make but we developed it ourselves from scratch!
    • You can bet on anything you want!
    • You can become a virtual bookies!
    • We can’t get enough of Gangham-Style taking over our music charts…

    It can be played ONLY on FACEBOOK.
    Go to (and log in). It will only take a min! [winky smiley face]

    You can also visit our game page for more info at

    Being a website that is focused on site reviews I accept critique on the fan page design and elements, but game-critique would be a welcome bonus and more preferable. I'm interested to know what kind of content we should be featuring (as you can bet on anything!) and any help on the overall look of our fan page. Anything that would make people more inclined to visit and play the game?

    Any help much appreciated


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    I didn't play the game, but looked at the site. I like that you have the section about how to play the game, because some people are wary when they first begin, and those details matter. You've also built up some social credit (in the form of likes and posts on the page) that help improve your trustworthy level for a new person heading over to the page.

    Your cover photo and name/logo look good--appropriate for the content without being dull or distracting.

    Two things I'd advise against (based on my experience with other Facebook games): Don't set up permissions that allow the game to automatically post on behalf of a player--lots of people only want to post to specific lists of gamers, and not their entire Friends list.
    Don't have multiple pop-up ads when players are trying to open the game, or have multiple pop-ups during game play.

    Finally, balance the "sticky" special challenges with manageability. Some things that make me play a game more often than usual include limited-time challenges that give me tools to help me advance in the game (in your case, maybe earning credibility points or virtual money). I think many people pay attention to player rankings--so those lists of your friends across the bottom of the screen in order of first to last place can motivate players to keep advancing. Maybe it's dumb, but I also like visual collections for mastery. In Farmville, for example, you can collect signs after you "master" a crop and display the signs on your farm. You could have a set of casino chips with prize labels for things like "placed 20 bets," or "credibility king--paid debts 10 times in a row" or "astounding accuracy--won 15 bets in a row" or whatever. You'd want the collection to be visually appealing. However, if earning those things means I have to bug my real-life friends to collect virtual items, or I have to spend every day glued to the computer or wake up in the middle of the night to manage them, it's irritating instead of fun. One idea I liked was that Farmville allowed you to "friend" people on Facebook purely through the game--so you weren't Facebook friends, but you could interact together through the game if you both played.

    Good luck!

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    At first glance, I didn't get what the site was all about...? Do you NEED a facebook account to use it?


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