I used several online payment system in the past. Some drove customers away and others are just simply too expensive. One payment system charges my members and myself fixed fee for every transactions, 2-3% on top and a rolling reserve of 10% for every payment which I can only claim in 6 months time. Many charge monthly fee of around 15...on top of that Moneybookers still gets so many failed payment.

I wish I found GoCardless earlier. It is very simple to use for both merchant and customers.

The best part is they charge only 1% on every transaction with a maximum of 2. No merchant account fee etc.

The only negative is that it is available for UK residents only...which should not be a long term problem because I can see them only expanding in the future. By the name in itself, it does not offer any card payment. For any customers who wanted to pay through their bank account, it will be a shame if this is not one of the payment options.