I notice the topic before this one asks which graphics programs people use, but my question is more specific.

I currently use Photoshop and Illustrator from CS3 on an old PC, but they are overkill for me, expensive and I prefer to actually start using my top of the range iMac for this instead of that old PC.

I don't create images myself (I'm rubbish and don't have the time) but I want to be able to manipulate images, do a few basics (add text, remove background etc.) and then, most importantly, create the relevant files for the web.

Most importantly I want the program to strip out as much as possible and compress it so I just output the file and it's ready to go - rather than have to upload to one of the many compression services out there (PNG Crush, Tiny PNG etc.)

So these I think cover all you could need for the final process to output for the web:

(1) PNG, GIF, JPG files
(2) Generate PNG, GIF, JPG Data URI code from an image (so press a button and it displays the code)
(3) SVG file (.svg)
(4) The relevant <svg> code (which is of course different to creating the .svg file in (3) above)
(5) Anything to help with editing of icon fonts / generating (if even necessary)
(6) Anything to help with generation of @2x images (for HiDPI/Retina) (if even necessary)

I want a Mac program (preferably on the Mac App store) that is simple, max $100, does the things I want but no need for all the extras and is easy to use without hardly any need to learn all the features.

Any ideas? Thanks.