Hey guys I hope i am posting in the right forum. I am building my first site for college and and have the majority of the groundwork completed. I am using dreamweaver so it is generating the PHP for me(Dont really understand php enough to write myself). I will post the code and a screenshot to give a better idea of what i am asking.

Basically my problem is when I select an item from the drop down tables and logged in it does not write to my user id. For example If i select Chelsea for the Premier League instead of writing to the premier league field on my user table it creates a whole new user id. I think the problem must be when i am creating a session(I have no experience in creating sessions so am probably doing it wrong!)

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great. I will post my code if required, the page is 500 lines or that so i dont want to overwhelm the post!