I'm rebuilding my website and was just getting ready to sort out the mish-mash of Meta Tags we've collected over the years.

Please comment on the following...

Every page you want to track should have meta tags for:
1) Google Analytics
2) *anything other valuable tracking code that I am unaware of?

Home Page should also have:
3) Google Webmasters verification code
4) *anything else valuable for just the home page?

"Success" page for pay-per-click ads: (for me, the Order Confirmation page)
5) Google Adwords code
6) Bing Ads code

Any page with social media sharing icons:
7) Google +1 script
8) Facebook script
9) *any other valuable ones?

Whew! Sounds like the Head section can get a bit crowded...

Did I forget anything valuable for SEO? Is this list correct, or am I behind the times?