Hi everyone,

I am building an Academic Resource Directory for my University and I need help with the following.

I want all the students and teachers to be redirected to a page, the page contains 2 login forms, one for students and the other for teachers. No one in my college would sign up so I am planning to make them login using the id and password provided by the university. My college may not give access to the DB and also doesn't have any API key, so I just want the users to put in their id and pass, my form will validate and authenticate by redirecting to my college site, checking for credentials and make them login or give error message accordingly. Now after googling a bit, I found that this can be done using PHP cURL I suppose. I don't know much of PHP and I have learnt most of the things along the way while making this site. I would like to continue doing the same.

This is the place where all our college students login.

Please give me some examples on how to go about with the comments next to each statement. Other alternatives are welcomed too.

PS: I would like to do this without seeking my college's permission. I don't want to steal any data. Just check if the result is true and make them login.

Thanks in advance!