Howdy all!
Would like some advice

I am experimenting w/div alignment.
for something like this.
HTML Code:
<div id="column1">
  <p>Column column1</p>
  <p>some fancy text...hello. hello hello</p>
  <div id="guests">
  <img class="guestSpot" src="tinyPlaceHolders/tph01.jpg" />
  <img class="guestSpot" src="tinyPlaceHolders/tph02.jpg" />
  <img class="guestSpot" src="tinyPlaceHolders/tph03.jpg" />
  <img class="guestSpot" src="tinyPlaceHolders/tph04.jpg" />
  <img class="guestSpot" src="tinyPlaceHolders/tph05.jpg" />
  <img class="guestSpot" src="tinyPlaceHolders/tph06.jpg" />
  <img class="guestSpot" src="tinyPlaceHolders/tph07.jpg" />
  <img class="guestSpot" src="tinyPlaceHolders/tph08.jpg" />
  <img class="guestSpot" src="tinyPlaceHolders/tph09.jpg" />
  <img class="guestSpot" src="tinyPlaceHolders/tph10.jpg" />
  <img class="guestSpot" src="tinyPlaceHolders/tph11.jpg" />
  <img class="guestSpot" src="tinyPlaceHolders/tph12.jpg" />
  <img class="guestSpot" src="tinyPlaceHolders/tph13.jpg" />
  <img class="guestSpot" src="tinyPlaceHolders/tph14.jpg" />

  </div> <!--guests-->
</div> <!--column1-->
and the respective css

#column1 {
        float: left; 
        background: #ccc;
		margin: 10px 5px;
        width: 150px;
		border-left:medium #666666 solid;


padding: 2px 2px;
Is there a css way to place three or four or whatever per row. Or would a table be the only way?
Also when it comes to centering the images. setting auto on the side margins either on the containing div or images themselves does not seem to work.