So, I have a fairly complicated background image on my site that I found I could get down to 70K if I split it up into layers and loaded in multiple backgrounds. Rather than do a 4 ply wrap on all pages, I'd rather just have IE 8 users suffer the pixelated 90K version. That leads to this CSS

Code css:
background: url(../images/background.jpg) top left no-repeat fixed;
  background: url(../images/background_l4.png) top left no-repeat fixed,
    url(../images/background_l3.png) top left no-repeat fixed,
    url(../images/background_l2.gif) top left,  
  	url(../images/background_l1.jpg) top left no-repeat fixed;

Will the other browsers attempt to load the first background? If so, I'll need to push that declaration off to it's own IE specific stylesheet.