Hey all,

Long time since i've posted asking for help on the forums!

I've been working on integrating the eBay API into a website I'm building, and all has been going relatively smoothly. Now I'm no PHP guru, i've only really gone feet first in the last couple of years, but I can work my way through the basics. However, I'm a bit stumped this one.

The eBay API returns item prices via XML REST as numbers such as:


So basically when the price would normally end with a 0, it only goes to one decimal place.

The price has been pulled from the XML return and put into a variable so I can manipulate it "$currentPrice".

Anyone have any advice on the best way to add the missing "0" to the returned price?

The important bit of code is below:

PHP Code:
$resp simplexml_load_file($apicall);

if (
$resp->ack == "Success") {

$results '';
$pagination '';
$resp->searchResult->item as $item) {

$searchresult $resp->searchResult;
$currentPrice $item->sellingStatus->convertedCurrentPrice;
$shippingCost $item->shippingInfo->shippingServiceCost