Looking for some insight from the gurus. I have three managed VPS systems all on WHM and all with 3 different providers. I've gotten used to the what I thought was the 'normal' WHM setup with various options at my disposal. The new VPS host I just signed up with offers 'managed' like the rest, but the options in WHM are severely limited. Their explanation is to not present root access or options for root level users. I"m a bit confused since my other two managed environments have what I'm now deducing to be root level options (or maybe they just have normal options and this new host is weird.....?)

I understand hosts can do what they wish to managed their servers, I"m just scratching my head for reasons why this particular one would limit when others don't. Just preference? I want to do things like manage IPs, hostnames, and basic configurations, etc.

Any insight to what's normal would help. I'm just basing my 'normative' experience on the years with Servint and Myhosting.