Hi, Can anyone know that 4 dimensional arrays work in classic asp. because i didn't found any such example. I am struggling from 3 days for that. can anyone guide me please.

I have created the request form and the results table to print the results. the form contains a drop-down list. if the form is complete then it should loop through the list of arrays and should match particular brand in drop-down list at which user selected one and then it should go through query and retrieve the results from database table and print in the separate html page table. "the problem is it should loop through the list of 4 dimensional arrays when user selects option in drop-down list and retrieve required results from database".

if formComplete then

'Declare some required variables
Dim rs, strSQL, objConn

'connected to database

Dim ArrResult
Dim Brand_lookup(12,4,4,4)
Brand_lookup(0,0,0,0) = "smr"
Brand_lookup(0,0,0,1) = "sedan"
Brand_lookup(0,0,0,2) ="5"
Brand_lookup(0,0,0,3) = "suzuki"

Brand_lookup(1,0,0,0) = "smi"
Brand_lookup(2,0,0,0) = "suzukimini"
Brand_lookup(3,0,0,0) = "6"
Brand_lookup(4,0,0,0) = "Holden"

Brand_lookup(0,0,1,0) = "tng"
Brand_lookup(0,0,2,0) = "tata"
Brand_lookup(0,0,3,0) = "14"
Brand_lookup(0,0,4,0) = "Tata"

strSQLscroll = "SELECT contentID, name, domain, url1, url2, url3, active FROM tblPosseContent_"& Request.Form("brand") &" WHERE (name LIKE '%Dealer%') OR (domain LIKE '%domain%') ORDER BY name"

'Create recordset object
Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
'Create recordset using query
rs.Open strSQL, objConn

Dim i
For i = 0 to UBound(Brand_Lookup)

response.write("show values: " & Brand_lookup(i))

do while rs.EOF

ArrResult(Brand_lookup(i)) = (""& Request.Form("Brand") &"")
i =i + 1