Is there a way I can have 2 50% width div's side by side, which DON'T wrap when i resize my browser?

In Mozilla and Opera 7, it doesnt seem to happen, but in IE, i reduce the width a bit and all of a sudden the div's stack on top of each other, instead of remaining side by side

I've got the left one set up with position: relative and float: left and right hand div is also set to position: relative but with float: right

I've tried using display: block and display: inline, but im not entirely sure what these actually achieve, nor have I noticed any difference.

If anybody has any clues on floating div's and stopping them wrapping, i'd like to hear about it



p.s. code looks like this
PHP Code:
<div id="body">
div class="floatleft">blah blah</div>
div class="floatright">blah blah</div>
in the stylesheet, floatleft and floatright are set with width: 48% and float: left, or float: right, depending on which one.