Ok. looking for some expert feedback here. I have a client who is always asking for new ideas and ways to convert more customers (who isn't right?)

So what is unique about this instance is that this is a service based organization that does business in a bunch of towns in our state, so for starters we built an easy way to plugin lots of city and state names and have a template do all the heavy lifting to generate a unique page URL with some boiler plate content that then fills in the city and state name for each of the towns they specify on their sites back end...you can see what I mean here:


Each one of the links goes to a page that uses that town's information like this:


Not a bad start, so to take this to the next level what we plan on doing is taking each of their service lines and using that as the driver for the service area listing. This means that there will be roughly 12 separate service areas that have overview pages like above with singular pages like above but instead of just service area it will be "water-heater-service" and then "allenstown" so we end up with something like this:

Overall listing for a specific service line: http://heritage.firsttracksmarketing...-service-areas

Example of specific service line location page: http://heritage.firsttracksmarketing...ces/allenstown

So my question here is this:

If we do this all the way and create all the service line area divisions we will be basically adding roughly 1000 new pages to the website that will all be location and service line specific with forms to generate leads.

Will this lead to the positive impact we are looking to create in terms of reach for our clients website or are we going to simply create a lot of content that isn't unique enough on it's own so it's all going to be ignored by search engines?

I am of the mind set that this is a sound strategy that is going to produce lots of opportunities for people to find our client's site when they are searching for common terms like "Auburn NH Water Heater Service" because the majority of the needs of my clients target audience all primarily revolve around location and service type and the few single service pages we have now just don't seem to be cutting it.

So thoughts and comments about if our strategy is sound here or not. Looking forward to hearing some feedback on this.