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    Yes it is overwhelming, but that's my problem not yours, I'm grateful for all the input I have been given, and will do all I can to follow such help, but I learn from playing and breaking things, then building them again, over time it sticks, I'm not a book person, I even tried to do an online site teaching the basics, and I couldn't even get past the 3rd stage lol, but even within this thread I hope I have made a good step forward from what I started with, and that's just repetition and your guidance on key points.

    I will probably never be as good as you guys, but I hope to be able to produce a respectable finished product so to speak, once I get these kind of probably basic points to you down, I will actually have enough to put up my new site layout, I can worry about learning further tricks once I get to handle the basics a bit more, but to clarify a few points if I may;

    The 960px you say for the width, is that like a universal standard in web pages so to speak ?

    The div class="container" title, I take it you call it a container due to having all the other elements in it ? and further div's would have a different title appropriate to their use ? I get that they are used to apply specific attributes within it, rather than doing every entry on it's own.

    And the overflow:hidden entry, I have seen it listed in the code options, but other than the obvious, I have no idea what it means to the finished page, what does this code actually mean\do ?

    Would I put the banner into the header section, or add a further div to do that ?

    Thanks again.
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