I have seen that a lot of the animation that used to be done with flash can now be done with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. I have used some of the new CSS3 features, such is transformations, transitions, etc. but nothing fancy just simple stuff. I have been trying to find tutorials on how to create simple banners with HTML, CSS and Javascript but I havenít found any. What I'm looking for is something that shows how to create simple banners that slides objects in and out from different angles, something like Apple had for a while on their website, where some images came from one side and went out from another side. Again I just need to create something simple just to get the concept, I have never used Javascrtipt/JQuery other than for simple fade-ins and animate buttons, but nothing big.

Does anybody know where can I find tutorials on how to create simple banner-like animations using html, css and possibly Javascript?

I just need to know how the images are used and how everything is put together.

Thanks a lot