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    Flash Game: Action Script 2: Basic Pathfinder

    Hello all, its been a while

    I'm currently working on this point and click game where the user click on a map and the character will follow the [target placed on the ground] So far I have managed to create a character that limit itself to the boundaries of the map and that follows the target icon whenever the map its clicked.

    The situation:
    My game it is not tile based but it does have a tile based node system. What I want to be able to do is to hard code the nodes in each map, while then create the program that will validate these nodes by adding them. That way I can control and or erase nodes that are non walkable for my character.

    I have tried pathfinding algorithms but they seem to advanced for me. I seem to understand the words but the practice is a failure. Can anyone guide me in my initial stages.

    Right now I have my nodes hard placed on the map they are called "node_mc" all of them. I think the first thing I need to do is to re-name them all like "node_mc1", "node_mc2", "node_mc3" etc... etc... etc... to differentiate them or can I leave them like that? Please look at the picture attached.

    - Thank you in advanced.
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