First off, hello...I am a total newbie to this please, be gentle.

My question...I have a web site I am having built, in total, it's about 35 pages....many of those pages are products which will be sold Via PayPal. My developer has created the buttons, and placed them on the appropriate pages...and so on. I gave him full control when it came to design as well, he offered me three or four different options, and then Ii picked the one I like the most. He was responsible for all the color picking, designing my simple logo, and even coming up with some of the text required to put on the pages. I have about 40 products for sale, and approx. 100 pictures that I wanted to put on the site. These pictures were all editted by him, and he built a nice little photo gallery into the site. '

Ii am just wondering what an average cost I should be expecting as an invoice. I realize this isn't cheap, as we've been working together on this for a little over three months now...a he just does this part time. Does anyone know an average cost, just so Iknow Ii am not being taken to the cleaners when it is all said and done.