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What you have described is completely impossible, although there is a vaguely similar process happening.

Your browser can't interpret or change the results in any way. Google sends a page of results, and that will be displayed by your browser as it was sent (give or take the usual caveats about cross-browser compatibility) ... your browser can't choose the move results up and down the page. Nor can Google access your browser's cache, that would be a humongous security risk if it could!

What actually happens is that Google uses what it knows about you to adjust the results to be personalised to you. That only happens if you are logged into your Google account – it keeps a track of what you've searched for and what you've clicked on to build up its picture of you, and then uses that to prioritise results that it thinks will be of particular interest to you.
No it is the browser's fault, Google would never do that, I trust them especially since their slogan is "Don't be evil...

Google would never act as "Big Brother", save my search results and present what they think I should see.

Google will always let the market dictate the most popular pages and never manipulate my search results for their own benefit.

Google has no need to construe the actual results because they have more than enough money...

or is that how they got all their money

Now where is the "Tongue in cheek" smiley?