Ive learned much from the recent PDO v MySQL thread. I, too, find that converting my classes to PDO from mySql (NOT mySqli) seems overly verbose for little benefit.

Then again, most of the discussion in that thread is way over my head.

So let me ask if my approach is OOP / PDO appropriate.

1) My root class, lessons_template_db, determines if Im local
if($currentHost == "") {		// no place like home
or on my host's site and instantiates the connection [$this->db]. (I also check if isset($this->db) to avoid re-instantiation but it never is hm-m-m-m).
2) All other classes that EXTEND are unique to a MySQL table. They, of course, handle the CRUD, returning an associative array for the Retrievals or a status / db-key for the CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE components.

If this is the proper approach, setting up the named procedures seems overly cumbersome given that I lose the db objects every time I send a form to the user.

Am I missing the concept completely?