I've spent the last week trying to get a clients domain name (theirsite.co.uk) over to a new host and it's been frustrating to say the least.

I was advised by the new host that there would be a small fee for the transfer (approx 5) and this was actually to re-register it for another year. Seemed fair enough.

When the domain was first registered in June this year it was registered for 5 years, now according to the host, this is not the case and it only has one year before renewal (the 5 fee I just paid them covers the first year registration) However, when I view the WHOIS info at Nominet.org.uk they say that it doesn't expire until 2017, which is what it should be.

This was the new host's reply to my query about it being registered for 5 years prior to the move.

"I don't know what you paid at your old registrar but you only paid for a year with us, domains don't carry how long they been rewed for specially when you move them to a different registrar.

Your current registrar will not transfer the domain expire date over or however long you renewed it for, if this is an issue then I suggest you take it up with them. But you can't register a domain for 5 years then decide to move away to another registrar and expect it to still have all the remaining years, it doesn't happen I'm afraid."

I am more inclined to believe the information from Nominet, which leads me to think that the host company are trying to gain money through deception...the info I found on this site seems to suggest that I'm right.


Could anyone please confirm?