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    I'm going to make a quote from Terminator 2 here - "The future, always so clear to me, had become like a black highway at night. We were in uncharted territory now, making up history as we went along."

    Ok, it's not so dramatic really, but SEO has changed a lot and certainly will continue to change and we'll just have to go along with it. One thing hasn't changed though - content is king. All of your efforts will be in vain if the users you get trough SEO/Content marketing/etc don't like your content.

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    Off Topic:

    Quote Originally Posted by attractsp View Post
    I'm going to make a quote from Terminator 2 here ...
    Next you are going to tell us that Google is Skynet.
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    Thanks to everyone who contributed. The OP seems to have lost interest in the topic, here and in the many other forums where he asked the same question, so thread closed.
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