I am a fresher into a job in web designing/development in India.The senior at the company which I have joined as a trainee uses mostly images from the Google search(many a times without even altering them) as backgrounds and other elements in professional websites.When I asked him about it he boasted of a 5 year experience in the field and said it was normal to use them. That had me wondering whether he was really right or not. I mean I also use some images from Google search, but they are mostly small elements like buttons etc., which are free for use from the author. For backgrounds i do use some Google images but I always for 70% part use some sort of formatting to pick out only certain areas within the image( never a full image, which is not submitted by client).Can anyone suggest what is right as I am confused whether to use such images( which of Course makes the work faster but less satisfying) or to go with my idea to develop in this field??