Hi there guys, been a while.

I'm making a site for a lawyer ans I'd like to have some advice from you guys.
In attachment you will find the css-style and the template code.
I'm trying to work with tables where I usually work with div-tags, because I heard somewhere that tables are better positioned crossbrowser. Is that so?
I wanted to have some advice from you guys, how to improve this site crossbrowser.
I'm using a fillimages to have them repeat without being stuck to specific widths.
However on my footerfill I want the footer against the lefttriangle and aligned to the bottom of the page.. I however don't seem to find the mistake in the tablespecs nor the css-rule to fill it up until the left triangle, + my margin is 0 and still I see a margin in the footer (image 1Chrome).
As you can see on image 2Firefox, on Firefox my footer is getting repeated, I think this has to do with the valign = middle which firefox can't read? How do I get this straight? How to add this good to my CSS without adapting a lot of the site?
3rd "issue": As you can see in my code, I made my menu in 1 td with nbsp's. I did that because I couldnt get the positioning clean if I added a Ul or other td's to the table. Is this a justified way with the nbsp's? Any other option?

Note: this is still a draft, so any other advice, tips would be helpful!

Thanks a lot in advance guys!
footerchrome.jpg footerfirefox.jpg template.txt css.txt
Kind regards