The message
Cannot use object of type lessons_select_recap_db as array in C:\xampp\htdocs\lessons\report\studentsession\form.php on line 21
I suspect the problem is that I am going against the same table from two different objects. (Though they are not active at the same time).

I build my form with data I pull from a mySql table by instantiating a object that inherits from the original connector object
Class lessons_select_recap_db
 extends lessons_template_db {
A function call within this object provides one "row" from the (alesson) table that I use to populate the form and send the screen. (Which I assumed destroyed that class and its objects -- including lessons_select_recap_db).

At that point, the user has the option to print a report that needs more data from that table, and in a different format, so in processing the form, I instantiate a reporting object
Class lessons_report_studentsession_Form
 extends lessons_report_Base
and try to instantiate that -- Class lessons_select_recap_db --

and that's when I get the above message.

So is suspect that I have a PDO object still out there that I need to either access (though the original "instantiator" class is long gone) or release.

Is PDOStatement::closeCursor the tool I need to release it? And, if so, I don't set a sense of the syntax required from the documentation.