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    javascript pass value from select box to input box


    I have a html/php web page and I have 2 Forms on it.

    Form2 contains a select box and I was able to get the value from that just fine.

    Form1 contains a php list of all users in a table.
    I have a hidden field that I want to put the value of the select box in Form2 (

    <form name="Form2">
    <select name="sortme" id="sortme" onchange="getValue(this);document.Form1.sortme2.value=this.value;">

    and pass that value to a hidden field I have in Form1 (on same page).

    <form name="Form1">
    <input type='text' value='' name='sortme2' id='kath'>

    How do I do this?

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    First you need to abandon the habit of addressing forms by the name; the attribute is deprecated except for the elements of forms.

    The neatest way might be to use a function to address the desired element, by passing it the ID (not name) of its form, the name of the element and the value:

    <form id='f1'>
      <input name='inp1' type=text>
    <script type='text/javascript'>
    function writeFormElem( formID, elemName, elemValue )
      var formRef = document.getElementById( formID );
      if( formRef && formRef.nodeName == 'FORM' && == formID )
        formRef[ elemName ].value = elemValue;
        alert( 'Invalid form ID:"' + formID + '"' );   
    writeFormElem( 'f1', 'inp1', 'OK' );
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